Top 6 Ways to Your Music Group Rehearsals

Top 6 Ways to Your Music Group Rehearsals

We have all been to a group session which just didn't deliver what we wanted to For whatever reason, you leave feeling deflated or unenthusiastic rather than proud of the music you have been making. Here are six ways to help make sure your next session is valuable

1) Start With Familiar Material

    This warms everyone up and gets you in the groove.

2) Spend Time On Preparation

     Think ahead about what you need, whether that's printed lyrics, some specific instruments / equipment, or anything else!

3) Be On Time (Seriouslyl) 

     It's always hard getting a group of hard-working, busy adults together, so never be "that person who wastes half a session because you were late.

4) Have A Session Goal 

     Whether it is to play one song, one setlist, or just iron out some kinks, go in with a solid goal.

5) Take Criticism

     Learn to take others' criticism well. After all, they want what is best for the group. Leave your ego at the door!

6) Give Constructive Criticism

     If you can help the group improve, say something, but always ensure it is useful and actionable.

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