What day job should you get to support your Acting Career

What day job should you get to support your Acting Career

1) Work in the industry
If you can remain in the industry in any way, you'll build useful connections that'!l help you
get to the next step up.
    It doesn't matter where you work, as long as it's in the industry.

2) Crewing/Tech work
     This is another area where the opportunities for networking and gaining valuable insight into the industry are just unbelievable!
     You genuinely learn something new every single day and more than anything, you truly find yourself at the heart of the industry.
     Don't be discouraged by tech/crew work. It may seem daunting, but if you focus, you'll pick things up quickly.

3) Work as an extra
     This is arguably the #1 "environment" to surround yourself in if you need flexible work and you need to start building connections.
     The networking opportunities that come with being an extra are often overlooked. But they cannot be denied!
     Just make sure you don't take on so much extra/SA work that you end up being a full time extra instead of a full time actor.

4) Work FOH/BOX office
     Perfect for theatre lovers and you'll get to meet a huge range of characters on a daily basis when working with the public.
     The flexibility of this job typically allows you to explore opportunities and start building connections ON THE JOB!

5) What Now?
     its can be difficult if you feel like you have to learn new skills to take on one of these jobs, but you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll pick things up if you just get started.

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