Top 6 Vocal Warmups For Actors

1) The "Hum" - 
     Exhale slowly, Humming until you have exhaled all of your air. Repeat approximately five times.

2) The "Ha" - 
     Stand and place your hand on your abdomen. Breathe in by expanding your stomach outward, You are now breathing from your diaphragm. Exhale slowly, Uttering, "Ha Ha Ha Ha". Push you abdomen in with every syllable. Repeat.

3) Lip Trills and Flutters -
    Roll your tongue on the roof of your mouth to make "TRR" or "RR" Sound.

4) Descending Nasal Consonants -
    Say the word "Onion" Stretching the "NY" Sound and Voice it Downward in pitch.

5) Tongue Twisters -
     Memorize a few of tongue twisters, Like "Red Leather Yellow Leather" and repeat them to get your mouth loosened up.

6) Yawn and Sing -
   Open your mouth as if to yawn and let your voice sing loudly from the top of your register down to its lowest note.