Top 7 Acting Warm-up For Actors

Top 7 Acting Warm-up For Actors

1) Work Your Neck - 
     Roll your neck around forward, Side to Side, Backward. Roll it around in one direction, Then the other.

2) Shoulders - 
    Shrug your shoulders up, down, then roll them forward and backward.

3) Circle Your Arms.
     Swing your arms in a circle in one direction, Then the other, then in opposite direction.

4) Stretch Your Ribs
     By raising your arms above your head, Then leaning to one side, feeling the tension release on your ribcage. Hold for a beat, Then return to the upright position and lean to the other side.

5) Breath Work - 
     Assume an erect posture inhale deeply and slowly through your nose. Exhale slowly and deliberately through your mouth. Repeat a few times to slow your heart rate down and relax.

6) Folds - 
     Bend forward at the waist, Dropping your head, with arms extended down, holding for 10. Then come back up all the way into a slight backward bend, Holding for another 10 seconds. Repeat a few times until you feel your posture has improved.

7) Shame Everything Out - 
    Start shaking your hands, Then your arms, then your entire body to release any Lingering tension.

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