Actors are responsible and Skills for Projects

Actors are responsible and Skills for Projects

Actors are responsible for:

★ Memorizing lines from written scripts.
★ Researching roles to form an idea for the portrayal of a specific character(s) that fits with the director’s vision.
★ Working in costume and in environments with stage lighting.
★ Maintaining punctuality and professionalism on set and in rehearsals.
★ Working in inclement weather when sets are outdoors.
★ The development of new skills to fit a particular role.


Actors are expected to play roles with accuracy and flexibility. The necessary skills include

★ The ability to memorize lines quickly.
★ Being flexible with script changes. 
★ The ability to mimic accents and dialects as the character demands.
★ Taking and acting on constructive criticism and director’s notes.
★ Good interpersonal skills when working with other actors.
★ The ability to sing and act in tandem.

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