Full Name and Details of Advertisement Shoot

Full Name and Details of Advertisement Shoot

TVC : Television Commercial Ad

DVC : Digital Video Commercial Digital Ad: Static or Video Ads on Social Media, in-App Ads, Websites 

Montage Ad : Ads having sequences of smaller video films or still shots with different scenes or settings

Thumbstopper Ad : Ads of around 8 to 10 seconds targeted for mobile devices, shot in vertical (portrait) frame and deployed as Social Media Stories/Reels or in-App ads. They are mostly short brand story/short social messages.

Teaser / Promo : Short ads about new launches or rebranding that do not reveal much but generate curiosity 

Endorsement / Influencer Ad : Videos promoting brand/service on social media accounts with large number of followers 

AV : Audio-Visuals are mostly training materials or videos for internal use by company employees or for educating dealers / franchisees of a company. 

OOH : 'Out Of Home' advertising refers to any form of media or advertising which targets and impacts consumers out of their home (outdoor locations like hoardings, wallscapes, posters etc). 

PPM : 'Pre-Production Meeting' is the end stage of the pre-production phase in which scripts, storyboards, creative guidelines, roles etc are discussed with the cast/crew. 

BTL : 'Below The Line', advertising is going to target a specific group of potential consumers like direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing. 

ATL : 'Above The Line' advertising is going to be deployed around a wider target audience, e.g. television, radio, newspapers or hoardings, billboards. 

TTL : 'Through The Line' covers both ATL and BTL mediums

POS / POSM : 'Point Of Sale/Point Of Sale Materials' like in-store posters, banners, merchandise etc.

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