Top 8 Tipss to help you sopt Audition Casting Scams

Top 8 Ways to help you sopt Audition Casting Scams

Content Topics 

1) Bad Grammar & Odd Email addresses
2) False identities
3) Casting without an audition 
4) Prepayment 
5) Unexpected fees 
6) No casting notices 
7) No location 
8) Nudity and inappropriate requests

How to know fake casting director, fake casting call, fake audition and scams

1) Bad Grammar & Odd Email addresses :

  The majority of casting scams are from foreign individuals with a limited command of English (or the main language of your country), and entertainment-industry terminology.

These scammers may also use nonsensical job titles and fake names
(e-g, "RYN Casting'"), etc.

2) False identities :

      Scammers will sometimes use the names of real people and real companies
     They may even link to the real websites of the people they're pretending to be.
     Check the scammer's email address, phone number, and project details
     The details of the real people, and you'll find that they don't match up.

3) Casting without an audition : 

     Although some real projects will also cast actors online without meeting them first, it's more common among scammers to claim they want to hire you without first meeting you.

Unless you're going through your Agent, Casting Director or verified producer.. Be careful.

4) Prepayment : 

     No legitimate project will offer to pay you upfront before you've actually done any work for them.

Scammers, will;
  ★ Offer to pay upfront to try and gain your trust.
  ★ Try and trick you into revealing your banking details.
  ★ Try and talk you into wiring them some money back in return.

5) Unexpected fees : 

      If an opportunity requires any sort of payment from you to participate
    (e.g, a audition fee to join a community theatre or an entry fee to enter a talent competition),

Those fee requirements should be clearly listed out in their original listing. If the producers surprise you with fees that weren't mentioned in the original casting call, be cautious.

6) No casting notices : 

     Although some scammers will try to post a fake casting call online to support their scam emails, most scammers do not bother to take this extra step.

So if someone you've never heard of before, emails you out of the blue offering to cast you in a project and they don't have
a casting notice that they can link back to for more details... then you should be suspicious!

7) No location : 

   Casting scams will often say they're "shooting near you" without being specific about the state or are where the project is taking place.

They may even change the state to match your location if you tell
them that you've moved.

Here's an example we've seen..


The event Date Event Dote 
Shoot 1: March 3rd and March 4th
Shoot 2: March 10th and March 11th
Compensation : Paid

8) Nudity and inappropriate requests

     If a project asks you to send them anything you're not comfortable sending them, or if they ask you to do anything at an audition or on set that you're not comfortable with

-Such as an unexpected request for nudity or any other unusual, strange, unprofessional, or inappropriate requests-
Don't be afraid to say "no."

Trust your instincts, and walk away from potentially bad situations.

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