Top 5 Way to ace your Next Audition and Works

Top 5 Way to ace your Next Audition and Works

1) Do your prep Work

    Know what you're auditioning for!
    It goes without saying that you need to study the audition scene.
    It's also important to remember the audition is a two-way street!
    Do your research on the production company to ensure they're a right fit for you too.
Being familiar = more confidence

2) Remove all 2expectations

     You never know what's going to happen!
     You can prepare and prepare until the end of time but still never know what'll happen when you enter the audition room.
     Enjoy the opportunity and just
have fun doing what you love!

3) Matters Mindset

     You can do this!
     The biggest obstacle in any audition is your mindset.
     If you can master your mindset, you'll be able to focus.. to be present.
    You'll find yourself able to deal with any issues in your stride!
    If a part of you didn't believe you could do it, you wouldn't be there.

4) Appreciate where

    You've already achieved something!
    Being in the room itself is already an achievement You've put in the hard work and you've come this far already.
    So why can't you go the whole distance?

Remember: Start now, get perfect later.

5) Accept the final result.

    There are no failures; only learning opportunities.
    If you land the role, great! But if you don't book the job this time, accept the result, reflect on what went well/not so well and take note for next time.
    One "unsuccessful" audition should not mean the end of your career. Acting is hard... but the rewards are worth it!

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