Top 5 Way to Land your New Role in Bollywood and Tv Serial

Top 5 Way to Land your New Role in Bollywood and Tv Serial

1) Use Casting sites

     Most Trusted & Verified sites for audition update.
     Example 👇
You don't need an agent when you're starting out.
    Casting Sites have all the opportunities you need to jumpstart your career While these absolutely is a place for agents, we truly believe that when you're starting out, Casting Sites are the best way to build up your first few professional credits.

2) Network - Reach out to others!

    It has never been easier to reach out to others in the industry.
    Producers, Casting Directors and Filmmakers are all on Social Media!
    Reach out, take the initiative and make new contacts.
    Collaboration is a powerful tool.

3) Use Social Media And Forums!

    Production companies ill post open auditions on their social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) all the time!
    Regularly check acting & filmmaking forums for the latest opportunities.
    Facebook & Telegram groups can also be a valuable resource.

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Remember: The internet can be used to your advantage!

4) Make your own work

    If you're struggling to find work; create it!
    Creativity is such a huge part of being an actor. So, why not get together with other actors, producers, directors and create your own project?
    It's so easy to do! The biggest hurdle is just getting started!
    The internet is your ally! Find people to collaborate with.

5) Chat to Your Friends

    They may be working on something!
    Actors are creatives. Always working on something new. Something different, Something exciting!..
   Reach out to your friends (in all areas of the industry) and see if they're working on anything you can get involved in.

If not, see if they'd like to collaborate and create your own work!

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