Top 5 Way proven to work audition hacks

Top 5 Way proven to work audition hacks

1) Confidence

     If you can walk into the room knowing you can land the role, you WILL land the role.
     Your thoughts affect how you behave, interact, appear on camera...
     Mindset is everything
If you believe in yourself, so
will the panel.

2) Acknowledge the crew

     Be friendly!

Say hi to receptionists, camera operators, readers, producers, and of course..

    Casting Directors!

    Start off on the right foot. Always remember.. People hire people.

3) Don't Be a People-Pleaser

     Desperation is not an attractive trait.
     If you give off "pleaselike me" vibes, you will likely shut off the panel.

     Just be yourself.

     Enter with confidence, introduce yourself and get on with doing what you love... acting!

4) One-take Wonder

     Do not ask for do-overs!
     It suggests you're not confident in your craft. If something goes terribly wrong, it's the recovery that matters... that's what they'll be looking for,,
    If the panel want you to re-do
a scene, they'll ask you. 
   Time is money.

5) Seek to leave a lasting impression

     After your performance (and you've taken on any direction),
     Be proud of what you've done and appreciate that the hard part is over.

Say thank you as you leave..
It'll ensure you stand out from the crowd without seeming "needy"!

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