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The No.1 way to start landing roles if you're stuck in a rut

  THIS is the way you're going to get out of that rut
+Start landing roles again!

📌 1) Your Mindset 
📌 2) Develop your Network
📌 3) Find Opportunities

Now of course there's more to it than that.. but ultimately, this 3-point system is what we've used to help our growing list of students turn their careers around!
     If you're ready to start landing more roles, turning your passion into your profession and overcoming all those inner obstacles,

     When you strip it back to basics, it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
So, the question is... are you ready to start landing more roles?!

Points 📌 in Details

1) Mindset.

     Mindset. Is. Key!
      If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will. Acting is a rollercoaster... You have to be able to handle the highs & the lows.

2) Developing your network

     Next up is to forge connections in the industry. The best way to do this is either through social media (Linkedin is best) or by being on set & chatting with as many people as you can.
(This is great if you only want to use Casting Sites to land your first few roles)

3) Finding Opportunities

They can be a little "MARMITE".. but the quickest, most-efficient ways to find paid, professional opportunities right now ..is by using casting sites (regularly).
Example : www.wobaudition.com

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