How to network with the Right people as an actor

How to network with the Right people as an actor

It's all about.... you guessed it... consistency, Keep reaching out and building genuine connections, Its super important and if you keep making those connections, You will start to make great contacts and roles.


★ Use your social media
★ Don't discriminate when making a mate
★ Mutual friends are gold dust
★ Trust
★ Like
★ Know

Use your social media!

We say it all the time... cause it's true! Using Facebook and Facebook groups, Instagram and Linkedin are all great ways to connect! If you are friends with other creatives, add their friends and drop them a messages, don't make it about landing roles! Keep it simple and casual and just have a chat, connections are made through good chats!

Don't discriminate when making a mate!

Agents and casting directors are great to chat with! But other people in the industry also have great views and can provide opportunities too!
Filmmakers, scriptwriters, show runners, DOP's, MUA's... there are too many to list! But acknowledge that there are no "bad" job areas to make connections in.

Mutual friends are gold dust!

If you have worked with someone, chat to them! On set, on message and ask them about their projects and their friends! Usually speaking, filmmakers know other filmmakers, And if you are good at your job and a nice person to work with (which we are sure you are) then usually people won't have a problem in giving you a recommendation.

Some Things every Actors need to Know about networking


    In order to gain trust, you have to have know and like! But once you have gained trust, by chatting to the person consistently and building a genuine connection, that is usually when you will make friends and Iand roles through networking connections.


  Again, it's usually customary that to a certain degree, an employer likes an employee when they hire them! So being unapologetically you, is always a good plan! Believe it or not, that is something that most people can't help but really like about a person! And also by asking questions about the person you are chatting to, take a genuine interest!


    Sounds kinda obvious but people need to know who you are to properly connect with you! Now in the fast paced world of social media, it's a lot easier to let people get a slightly better understanding of you! We aren't saying share everything but the industry is smaller than you think and being present online isn't the worst idea in the world.
Do you want to start forging valuable relationships with people who will help you reach that next step in your career?

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