Top 5 Biggest Mistake actors make when they're starting out

You WILL make mistakes when you're starting out. you could be doing these too!
But you don't have to make THESE mistakes.

1) Thinking that emailing Casting Directors is the only way to network
     - If emailing works for you, great... but in truth, emailing is dead!
It's old, impersonal, and wayyy too many people are doing it. 
It's time to think outside the box, think longterm & start embracing more modern techniques.

2) Thinking you have to go to
     - drama school You. Do. Not. Have. To. Go. To. Drama. School!
      - Why spend 3 years of your life learning techniques you likely will rarely use again?... (and get into 300k+ worth of debt in the proces..) when you could be out there, working full-time as an actor in less than a year if you play your cards right!

3) Not working on your personal brand
   - If you look at any actor who is in consistent work, they have a clear image of who they are.. a clear personal brand.
    Getting on top of this is going to be the quickest way for you to start standing out from the crowd.

4) Not thinking of your acting career as a business 
   - You are a brand. You sell a product. You deliver value.
 You are a business.
 A potentially very successful one at that!

5) Relying solely on your agent for auditions 
   - Yes, your agent should bebfinding you work... But the reality is, there are SO MANY opportunities out there right now that you really don't need to rely on them alone to find work.
👉 This is your career.
👉 You need to make it happen

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  1. Thank you for this article. It motivated me to keep moving in the direction where I should actually be. Glad to read this.