How to start landing more acting roles Consistently

How to start landing more acting roles Consistently

It’s time to stop playing small, dreaming about what you want to do someday, and time to start actually doing it!

You’re not here because you want to land a couple of roles and call it a day.

You’re here because you want to build a sustainable career doing the thing you love most!

So you’ve gotta be thinking of the bigger picture here.

👉 What’s the vision?
👉 Do you believe in that vision?
👉 Are you willing to roll your sleeves up, do the work, and make it happen yourself?

If not, it’s going to be difficult to land any roles long-term… which means you won’t realistically be able to call yourself an actor! 😳

So ask yourself…

1) What’s your vision?

      - if your goal is landing more
consistent roles, get clear on what that version of you is doing - and start doing it now!

Getting to that level doesn't make you do those things... it's doing those things that gets you to that level.

2) Do you understand the give & take between investing in your career and landing roles?

     - Unblock any limiting beliefs
you have around landing roles &
what it's going to take to get there
(especially around making investments in your career & earning money through acting)

Acting is tough enough as it is... if you go at it alone, it's even harder! Investing in your career is a great example of "what you put in, you get out in return"

Let's tidy up that money mindset

3) What’s going to practically take you to the next level?

     - Stop trying to repeat what
used to work. Start focusing on
what's going to take you to that
next level.

What gets you from level 0 to level 1 won't be the same thing hat helps you get from level 1 to level 2.

Getting what you've never had before often takes doing what you've never done before.

4) Is your current strategy good enough?

     - Reality you know
HOW you're going to get there?..
can you actually do this?

If not, what needs to change?... What do you need to learn (or unlearn)?

It's important your strategy reflects the reality of where you are now Vs where you want to be.

5) Who’s in your inner circle?… do they reflect what you’re trying to achieve?

    - Surround yourself with people
who are already landing and
normalising the level of consistent roles you're aiming for.
     There's no quicker way to hit a goal than to surround yourself with people who have achieved it already.

👉 Mentally, you'll end up normalising it.
👉 Strategically, you'll end up learning all of the ways they're making it happen.
👉 Energetically, you'll get comfortable with it being your reality too.

You want to do what most people don’t have the courage or determination to do.

You want to turn your passion into your profession! 👏
You bet we saved the best for last…
Are you ready to get some serious skin in the game?

Are you ready to..
👇 Find more Opportunities?
👇 Build more Connections?
👇 Land more roles?

Then drop the word 'YES' in the
      And send share this page to a friend who needs the motivation right now!
      It’s a long road ahead… but the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll reach your destination.
      So if you’re ready to take this seriously, make that commitment to yourself by dropping the word ‘ACTION’ in the comments.

It sounds small, but it’s a first step.

It’s your choice to make.
It starts with you. 🫵

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  1. Wow!! What a blog! Sincerely Thank you for writing advices for us the fresher actors. YES YES YES hardwork, consistency and surrounding will make it happen! Let's call it ACTION!!