Top 6 Tips - How to do Drunk Character Acting

Top 6 Tips - How to Act Drunk


   Who is this character? Why are they drinking? Where are they drinking? Who are they drinking with? How long have they been drinking for?
   Just because a character is drinking doesn't mean every kind of drunkenness is the same. There is a big difference between a character doing a scene at the Boars Head Inn, surrounded by their friends and deep into their cups, than a character drinking whiskey alone and doing a soliloquy to themself.


     Importantly, reflecting on how you behave when intoxicated is a very important activity at this stage. Alcohol affects everyone a little differently. Take notice next time you are out drinking about what you are consuming and how it affects you and the people around you. You might even notice that different alcohols affect you differently.
    What is important here is authenticity:?
    if you were in this position, how would you be behaving?


    Drunk people are often trying not appear too drunk. Being obviously drunk can get you in trouble with the bar, the police and other strangers in your general area. Most of the time, people who are drunk do not want to appear too drunk.
    Instead, the actor must have a good grounding in the given circumstances and look to achieve less is more, hiding away their drunkenness and appearing to be as sober as possible.


     Imagine that your confidence is on a volume dial on your TV. I want you to grab your internal remote, and ramp the confidence right up to 11! Volume can be an excellent vocal tactic to play with to enhance the drunkenness of your performance.
     When you're drunk your internal levels of inhibition go down, you are literally less inhibited to say or do things that you wouldn't normally do. Ramping up that confidence in conjunction with the given circumstances, the dizziness and the volume.


     Another key factor of the drunk is volume. This works nicely in combination with that dizziness sensation above, but, importantly, make sure you are stll really talking to the people that are in your scene. This is an easy one to overdo. Think of it as going for extra resonance rather than simply yelling.
     Volume can be an excellent vocal tactic to play with to enhance the drunkenness of your performance.


    Another tip, particularly for that later stage of drunkenness when things are all starting to get a bit blurry is using dizziness to your advantage. Spinning around can be a useful trick to help create that unsteadiness in the body that is required for believable drunk acting.
    Wherever safe and possible, it is always good to have a physical sensation that you don't have to completely invent. Dizziness is an easy sensation to achieve that can help you, in combination with your given circumstances work.

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