Top 4 Way to How to Staying Audition Fit

How to Staying Audition Fit 

How are your acting muscle 💪 feeling lately.
Top 4 Way to Stay Ready


     Regular practice keeps you and your instrument as ready as possible for that next audition. It means you're used to working on scripts and know what you have to do to be prepared. There are a bunch of ways of going about this. You could meet up with a few friends on a regular basis and put some scenes down on tape. Or you could join a local scene club.


     Working on your voice every day, or as regularly as you can is going to really help to keep you audition fit. Also, finding a voice workshop near you that you can attend when time and funds allow is also a fantastic idea. You can learn new tricks. Make new friends and work on some text that you love!


     Whether it's turning up late and stressed to his audition, or leaving your self-tape to the last minute, stress can really detract from your performance. Part of your preparation should be on the logistics of your audition. How are you going to get there? How much time do you need to prepare? Focus your attention on your preparation and what you need to do to mitigate your stress response.


     Family, relationships. work, Life and finances can all get in the way of you having the time to prepare for an audition. Sometimes you have to say no to a social event. call in sick, or leavethe kids with grandma. By working on your voice. scenes and minimising stress. you will be able to cut down on your preparation time. But it's also important to take some time away from acting and refocus yourself on what is really important to you.

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