How to balance your acting career

How to balance your acting career with everything else that happens in life. 

It's so difficult knowing how to balance ALL the things you need to do

with everything else that happens in life...

- Like your day job
- Like your family
- Like your social life

It's very hard...

But it's not impossible. 😉

Acting is a full-time job in itself... Which doesn't help when it doesn't pay like a full-time job...

So, check out our top tips on how to balance your acting career with your day-to-day life

So how do you strike the balance?..

Focus on the tasks you actually need to do.

Avoid wasting time on tasks that don't have to be done in the moment..

Work out which tasks will help you

  • ✓ Get yourself out there
  • ✓ Build more connections
  • ✓ Land more roles
And prioritise those tasks!

Protect your time!

    Once you get the hang of "time-blocking', you'll be an organisation Wizard,
    Allocate a specific period of time in your calendar to every single task you have to get done.
    That way, you can balance everything around your work day, and that time is protected and cant be taken over by Something else (or procrastinated on!)

So What Now?...

Start practicing this••

These are just a couple of quick (but super-effective) ways to start taking back your time!

   Ready to take action?

Drop us a '⏱️ in the comments/ message if you have any questions. ☺️ , & we'll be in touch!

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